Nov 112011

Every day, even when I’m not working, I see spelling errors online and offline. Vast and powerful organisations are just as prone to the occasional typo or editing fuckup as anyone else.

Today, it’s Facebook telling me that someone has invited me to “Lke his Page”. Yes, “Lke“.

Facebook "Likes" typos

Facebook "Likes" typos

Come on, that could have been prevented with a simple spellcheck. Fair enough, maybe it was typed into a CMS (Content Management System) that didn’t have a built-in spellchecker. But then, you’re Facebook. You can afford human beings to check your spelling. And more human beings to double check, if necessary.

I’m used to Facebook’s occasional iffy grammar or odd syntax, which I generally attribute to the vagaries of “fill in the gaps” automated notifications. But spelling errors are totally avoidable, and there’s no pretending the Facebook folks don’t have the resources.

I’ve sent them a little corrective note. The web content editors of the world must love me; I show up out of nowhere and bug them about their grammar and spelling. This, for me, is something along the lines of a hobby.

Hire more proofreaders, Facebook dudes.

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